High Quality that is Unmatched!


Our Prints are NOT like you buy in a big box store. These prints are meant to be displayed in your home like the piece of art they are. Sure you can buy prints online that are on a canvas like you can get at your local corner market for much less, but they will not be as brilliant as our prints are. Our photographers take the time necessary to get the most brilliant sharp pictures obtainable.

If an artist is choosing to NOT use our quality printing services we will note that on their particular prints.  If not noted, Front Street Gallery will follow the following guidelines:

Metal Prints:

All metal prints are definitely NOT alike. Firstly, there are a couple of ways to make metal prints. Either an inferior quality “direct print” onto an aluminum sheet, or a much higher quality “dye sublimation” process. We use the dye-sublimation process. Secondly, the brand of aluminum is VERY important. We use the original and the best aluminum coated sheets by Chromaluxe™ This is the key to us providing the highest quality metal prints. Others we tested did not have the HD clarity of Chromaluxe metal prints. Chromaluxe metal prints have been shown to resist fading for 65+ years, for Wilhelm Imaging Test Results. The other brands made in China will fade after a couple of years and they don’t have the durability of Chromaluxe Metal Prints. Beware of buying cheap metal prints, they are cheap for a reason!!

Acrylic Prints:

We call our Acrylic prints HD Acrylic because the image quality when printed onto the Epson Metallic photo paper truly looks HD. We then face mount the print onto the acrylic. Other acrylic prints are printed directly onto the acrylic from a flatbed printer, but the resolution can’t compare to a photo paper print and face mounting option that we utilize.

How do I care for my acrylic print?

You take care of your acrylic print as you would any other piece of fine art. Try not to scratch and bang the corners of your acrylic print, although it is durable you can chip the edges if banged on a hard surface. You can use a standard glass cleaner, or just soap and water and a 100% cotton cloth to clean your HD acrylic print.

White Floating Frames Black Floating Frames

Floating Frames

Our real wood Float frames display your image with ¼” space between the frame and the print edge for a gorgeous floating effect. Outside dimensions are 0.5″ larger than your print size (i.e., 8×10 print size will have an outside frame dimension of 8.5×10.5).