Acrylic art Solar Winds   Hush by C. K

Hush by C. K

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C. K. Nelson Bio

C.K.Nelson is a 6th Generation Artist from Utah who is, with her sister, the first generation to pursue art as a career. She has been an artist of one stripe or another her entire life, and after struggling with physical health issues, mental health issues, and Autism over the years, she’s had to find how to make her way in this world without a standard job. She’s always been a big fan of science fiction and fascinated with the night sky.

In late 2017, she put brush to canvas again for the first time in many years in hopes of painting a memory of the sky when she was growing up, and accidentally rediscovered her happy place. She truly is at her happiest when sitting at a canvas to paint or creating graphic designs on her computer, and someday dreams of having one of her paintings on the cover of a New York Times bestselling science fiction novel like the ones she grew up reading.