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digitally manipulated series!


Caroline Patrick-Birdwell offers a unique and beautiful type of art that you want to reach out and touch.


Hummingbird    Burrowing Owl

Kestrel    Burrowing Owl

    Wood Pecker

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Get to know the Artist

Caroline Patrick Birdwell Bio:

For me life has always been about one thing: having fun. What does fun mean? It means spending time in nature, spending time creating art, spending time with family, and spending time doing all the above! My “day job” is making maps, which believe me, is tons of fun. I also teach cartography and geographic information systems at the University of Arizona and Pima Community College. I grew up in Logan, Utah and I have lived in Tucson, Arizona since 1996.
Art comes in many forms. I have explored painting, photography, ceramics, and of course, cartography. My current works are manipulated photographs of birds I have had the pleasure of seeing and photographing. I hope you enjoy seeing these images as much as I do creating them!