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different perspective black and white beach photo Tide pool by beautiful rocks

hidden playground beach photo The Trinity

Perspective Sandy Beaches

Blue Sky Falter

Big City Despair Floating

Take me Fishing Follow me

Southern Trestle Lincoln

Ocean Pier Hello Lizard

small Orange Hybiscus When a Tree Falls

nightscape night reflection

Images of the night Dive Bar

Images of the night Hibiscus

Travelers delight Bridge less traveled
Quack-er the duck Which came first

Roses are Red, Sky is Blue Urban Grasshopper

Cue two rocks in the city

Sadness Below the surface  Beyond the Horizon

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Dionysos Luna Bio

Dionysos Mills

As a child, and even now as an adult, I have always been intrigued about how the human mind works. Being intrigued, I picked up books and figured out, through life experiences, that a camera is merely a replication of the human eye. Throughout history, the eye has always been a symbol of the gateway to the mind. Me, being the nerdy introverted person that I am, hated the idea of there being a gateway to my head, but I also liked cameras. So I picked up a camera and went on with life just freely taking photos, going home, and selfishly sheltering the things I saw in my mind from the world.
As life went on and more pictures were taken, I met one of our fellow photographers, Victor. He openly showed me his art and I was amazed at his shots and angles. At a rare moment in my life, I opened up my mind and showed Victor my photographs and he convinced me that I have the “eye” of a photographer and that I should show the world my work. Growing up I heard the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. That saying has made a strong impact on my life and has molded my way of thinking into a man of few words. Now I am going to say a thousand words to the world through pictures.