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Misael Beauchamp Bio

Being born in Puerto Rico, I got the privilege of seeing a beautiful world around me. Seeing the life around me made me interested in seeing new places and having new adventures. As a child, I got into everything, which in turn made me a man of many talents. I moved to Cleveland in 1995 and that is where everything started. I started doing everything to get my creative urges under control. I started trying new things like learning to play instruments, dancing, joining a music band, cutting hair, and even photography.

In my teenage years is when I discovered my talent for taking photos. Although I personally didn’t know my true talents as a photographer, but others around me told me, I had the gift in me. Not recognizing the power and vision others had in my photos, I slowly put the camera down and let that same power and vision fade away. When I became an adult I decided to pick that camera back up again but this time it felt different. I felt that power and recognized the same vision others had in my photos. Now I’m here to make the WORLD recognize that same POWER and VISION.