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Moody SunsetAurora

Church on the mountain    Liquid Morph

Looking back at You by Turner Ray 

Melting Mind

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The eyes are the window to the soul, and the camera is a replication of the eyes. For my whole life I have always seen the world in a different light than others. Even though I’ve thought it as normal for me, it saddens me to see that others don’t see it like I do. So, I make it one of my main goals in life to show people the ethereal, symmetrical and aligning world that I see. Ever since sixth grade I’ve been shooting almost everyday. I built my experience with RAW photos for 6 years before I finally started to get into editing photos as a pastime. As I still continue my journey of trying to perfect my style, and show the world what I see, I hope you can join along with me and see where we end up together.