Below the Surface


Below the surface is a metaphor for sadness. At high tide everything looks safe and beautiful. At low tide you see the rough rocks below.

At high tide, the view would be beautiful with some rocks pushing up out of the ocean and a light and bright sky pushing through the clouds. Most artists would have chosen then to set up this photograph, Dionysos would rather your FEEL the art so he looked deeper and waited for the tide to recede. Walking on those rocks is dangerous because of the other sharp rocks and crevices below, but at high tide you would have no idea. Once the tide recedes you can see the dangerous rocks that are exposed, just like the emotion of sadness others may not see what is below high tide. After you look at all the moodiness of this piece remember to look at the light. The print shows that looking below is dark, but there is always light where there is dark.

The moody colors, especially the unique greens that are shown create a beautiful print that would compliment any home, and any décor.